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It’s a race against time in the final play in the Spectrum’s Edge series…

An Entire New World by Daniel Cousins…

Off The Rock Productions in association with United Response Present Spectrum’s Edge.

A series of fantastical audio plays written by people with learning disabilities supported by United Response.

An Entire New World by Daniel Cousins.

An Entire New World is set in 2018.

CAST: Lola – Kate Calvert

Jake – Daniel Cousins

Keiron – Brendan Hulse-Storr

Molly – Sam Reynolds

Scarlett – Victoria Delaney

Freda Rattington – Pam Hilton

Nurse Strange – Mandy Newby

Carmen – Lisa Druett-Arundale

Nicky Rat – Sarah Oldknow

Wilf Dudney – Paul Osborne

Chief Executive – Katherin Brennan

Producers – Daniel Cousins and Matthew Wignall

Sound Engineers – Kate Calvert and Matteo Spoldi

Director – Matthew Wignall

The “An Entire New World” song was composed by Olivia Quigley and arranged by Mark Smith. The lyrics were by Olivia Quigley and Mark Smith and it was performed by Olivia Quigley and Mark Smith.

Spectrum’s Edge theme – Alexander King

This play uses these sounds from Freesound: Keyboard-Sounds » Mechanical-Keyboard: Typing by M4taiori (

Door Open And Close by rivernile7 (

Film Sounds/Movie Sounds » short sound of a zipper by florianreichelt (…)

Crunching and Crumbling » Rustling Packing Paper by NinjaSharkStudios (…)

Keys – Rustling » keys – rustling 04.wav by Anthousai (

Fast Crawling Bu by dasrealized (

Hissing.wav by indigocat (

Bone Cracks & Gore Squelches » BoneClicks&GoreSquelches_17.aif by vincentoliver (…)

Phone Dialing by HarryPeeks (

Ambulance Siren by LanDub (

Liikenne Transport » Passenger car braking on asphalt, tyres screeching // Henkilöauto, jarrutus asfaltilla, renkaat ulvovat by Ylearkisto (

Car Door by jakethemurray (…)

Cars, vehicles, traffic, engines » drive_away_FORD_TRANSIT_AMBULANCE.wav by gladkiy (

Embraer 175: Take off and climb (more engine) by flood-mix (

airplane landing by wshintani (

Pinnacles National Park by RTB45 (

WOODEN DOORS » Doors, glass door, frame door, open, close, reverb, door creaking.wav by SkySoundsLibrary (…)

Crowd Talking.wav by barrigan (

Applause Clapping » Audience Clapping 3c by Department64 (…)

Crowds » boo 01.wav by tim.kahn (

Audience at a show in a restaurant » patrons laughing .mp3 by pbrproductions (…)

Applause/ audience reactions » Applause, huge, thunderous by peridactyloptrix (…)

Limousin » Steps in a long corridor #5.wav by aranud%20coutancier (…)

Gasp.wav by Dvideoguy (

Home & Water » Kitchen-Sink-Drain-2.wav by RoninMastaFX (…)

GUNSHOT.WAV by erkanozan (

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