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Strange messages, pub brawls, nefarious deceptions and Travel Scrabble…

…all this and more in the opening play of Spectrum’s Edge

….Dark Lord by Jamie Wilkinson…

Off The Rock Productions in association with United Response Present Spectrum’s Edge.

A series of fantastical audio plays written by people with learning disabilities supported by United Response.

Dark Lord by Jamie Wilkinson.

CAST: Adam – Daniel Wilmot

Frasier – Graham Rollason

Phil – Mick Liversidge

Landlord – Jamie Wilkinson

Air Hostess – Naomi Lombard

Pilot – James Coldrick

‘Spectrum’s Edge’ theme – Alexander King

Producers – Jamie Wilkinson and Matthew Wignall

Sound Engineers – Laura Castle, and John Maxted

Director – Laura Castle

This play uses the following sounds from freesound:

UK Fire Engine Turnout – Fire Station Alarm & Siren by Cinebites (

fire ambience background.wav by playaudio1 (

Office paper crumple folding handling.wav by (…)

door knock by SubwaySandwitch420 (…)

Ultimate Door Collection » Door open and close by dossantosbarbosa (…)

Phone Dialing by Harry Peeks (

Coventry Weatherspoons by Dan_AudioFile (…)

Pint Glasses Full Clinking.wav by PlumForestPodcast (…)

Soundscapes » Airplane ambience.wav by Figowitz (

HOSPITAL TROLLEY 1.wav by hja (

Soda Can (open, pour, and fizz) by ABStudios (

Crowd in panic by IENBA (

airliner_approach_1.aif by Heigh-hoo (

small_rocket_flybys_and_explosion.aif by belloq (

yucatan jungle.mp3 by folkart%20films (…)

Simple Home Efeccts » LION ROAR by Podcapocalipsis (…)

elephant » 44.wav by y89312 (

FAKE MONKEY CHATTER 001.wav by sandyrb (

Rocket Launch.flac by qubodup (

Wind_blowing_gusting_through_french_castle_tower.wav by Astounded (

Metal water bottle sounds » Metal water bottle – shaking almost empty bottle 2 by giddster (

falling whistle swish 1.wav by blukotek (

Florentine Films SFX » Glove Catch 1 FF014.aif by martinimeniscus (…)

Opening a Fizzy Bottle, C.wav by InspectorJ (

Fizzy Fill by magnuswaker (

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