We Are Five Years Old Today!

On this day in 2014 our debut production ‘The Five Seasons’ had its opening performance.

Five years, nine theatrical world premieres, ten audio plays and one published book later we are still going strong.

Thank you all for your support!

Poster Designs: Emma Ralph (‘The Five Seasons’), Andy Curry (‘An Interview in the Afterlife’, ‘The Damask Room’ and ‘Mad Alice’), Kelle (‘Fine Dining’, ‘The Trove of Curiosities’, ‘Not A Game For Girls’ and ‘Not So Funny Now’), Kate Calvert (‘The End of the World in Five Plays’) and Matthew Wignall (‘Sound Waves’).

Poster Photography: Roger Pattison (‘An Interview in the Afterlife’) and Andy Argyle (‘Not So Funny Now’ and ‘Mad Alice’).

Book Cover Photography: Roger Pattison.