Off the Rock Productions, in association with United Response, present…

Spectrum’s Edge

a series of fantastical audio plays by Daniel Cousins, Sophie Davis, Sam Reynolds and Jamie Wilkinson.

Fancy playing the world’s greatest firefighter? Or a bus driver with a Strictly Come Dancing fixation? What about a girl who used to be a swan but is now a cat? Perhaps a talking anthropomorphic rat floats your boat? There’s also a bloke called Phil.

We’re looking for talented performers of all ages (from 18+) and genders to play these characters and many more in Spectrum’s Edge

Auditions will take place on Sunday 25th July (from 12noon) and Wednesday 28th July (from 7pm) at United Response, 35 North Street, York YO1 6JB.

If you would like to book an audition or have any questions please contact us at

You do not have to prepare anything. Extracts from the plays will be provided.

*Please note this is an unpaid opportunity.