Past Productions

An Interview in the Afterlife

Stephen is dead and not the least bit happy about it.

An Interview in the Afterlife

By Matthew Wignall

4th – 6th August 2015

The Fleeting Arms, Gillygate, York


Hope – Elizabeth Lockwood

Stephen – Matt Pattison

Farrington – Andy Love

Greg – Teej Jackson

Gary – Charlie Voltaire

Mandy – Gemma Curry

Miranda – Anna Rose James


Stage Manager – Falmata Lawan

ASM and Publicity – Anna Rose James

Producers – Anna Rose James and Matthew Wignall

Sound and Lighting Design by Dan Sparrow

Photography by Roger Pattison

Trailer Produced by Luke Downing

Written and Directed by Matthew Wignall

Review Quotes

“Delightfully absurd and bleakly humorous…Wignall manages to make his mark via sheer, inventive verbosity and a winning cast.” – Arts York

“A very strong cast, along with a sparklingly sharp script, made this brilliantly entertaining theatre…amidst the laughter, you were really given food for thought, about our greatest gift of all- life.” – The Pocklington Post

“Another great play…a surprising but very clever ending.” – Audience member

“Brilliant, charming and witty.” – Audience Member





Photographs by Roger Pattison