Past Productions

The Damask Room

Behind the frivolous veneer beats a dark and poisoned heart.


By Max Gee, Anna Rose James, Anna Rogers, Janice Sampson, Matthew Wignall and Jo Wragg

1st – 4th January 2016

Krumbs Kitchen, 3-5 Tanner Row, York


Oranges and Lemons and Limes

…“When will you pay me?” Say the bells of Old Bailey…

Written and Directed by Matthew Wignall

Katharine – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Margaret – Jane Allanach

Anne – Anna Rose James

How Jack Fell Down

…and Jill came tumbling down…

Written by Anna Rogers

Directed by Matthew Wignall

Jack – Dan Hardy

Jill – Alison Young

Mary, Mary

…how does your garden grow…

Written by Janice Sampson

Directed by Alison Young

Mary – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Still Life

…Kitty Fisher found it…

Written by Matthew Wignall

Directed by Alison Young

Kitty – Clancy McMullan

Gentleman – Matthew Wignall

Lucy – Anna Rose James

Woman In Shoe

…she had so many children…

Written by Jo Wragg

Directed by David Kirkham

Woman – Alison Young

Gossiper 1 – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Gossiper 2 – Clancy McMullan

The Straight and Narrow

…Georgie Porgie ran away…

Written and Directed by Matthew Wignall

Georgie – George Stagnell


Jack Sprat could eat no fat…

Written by Anna Rose James and Matthew Wignall

Directed by Tony Hipwell

Joan – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Jack – Alexander King

Jules – Anna Rose James

La Peregrina

…all in a row…

Written and Directed by Anna Rose James

Grey – Alison Young

Dudley – George Stagnell

Pygot – Alexander King

Parlour Games

…along came a spider…

Written by Matthew Wignall

Directed by David Kirkham

Missy – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Game – Matthew Wignall

After The Gloaming

…see how they run…

Written by Matthew Wignall

Directed by Tony Hipwell

Phil – George Stagnell

Marie – Anna Rose James

Kagome, Kagome

…who is behind you now…

Written by Max Gee

Directed by Tony Hipwell

Man – George Stagnell

Doll – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

How to Make a Killing

Who killed Cock Robin…

Written by Matthew Wignall and Anna Rose James

Judge – Alexander King

Sparrow – Matthew Wignall

Fish – Imogen Ruby Little

Owl/Fly – Anna Rose James

Lark/Thrush – Jane Allanach

Bull/Rook – Natalie-Clare Brimicombe

Beetle/Linnet – Dan Hardy

Kite – Alison Young

Wren – George Stagnell

Dove – Clancy McMullan


Sound Design: Alexander King

Sound and Lighting: Thomas Gardner and Dale Osborne

Producer: Matthew Wignall

Dance in choreography Kagome, Kagome: Sarah Cotterill

Damask Boxes: Daniel Lewis

Photography: Andy Argyle

Trailer Produced by Luke Downing

Poster and Flyer Design: Andy Curry

Portrait: Thomas Rimmington

Programme: Ian Giles

Review Quotes

“A must see…Off The Rock Productions have managed to create something that is both funny and creepy, that will leave you thinking long into the night about the true meanings of those nursery rhymes.” – York Mix

“A splendid night in The Damask Room…Creative, original, in your head and out of its mind!” – Audience member

“Wow! What a great night’s entertainment. Grab your chance to watch these very alternative nursery rhymes while you can.” – Audience Member

“A really enjoyable evening of hugely imaginative writing and terrific acting” – Audience member

“Thoroughly recommend Off The Rock’s Production of The Damask Room…New writing handled wonderfully.” – Audience Member

“What a Brilliant Evening! So very enjoyable! Look forward to the next one.” –Audience Member

“Well done to all involved….yet another great show.” – Audience Member

“Really enjoyed my evening in The Damask Room: engaging new writing…committed and accomplished performances all round. What’s next?” – Audience Member

“Really loved The Damask Room. A superb amount of creativity and diversity in writing set alight by impressive performances all round.” – Audience Member

“A stupendous show, loved it” – Audience Member

“A great production” – Audience Member

“Show was brilliant” –Audience Member



Photographs by Andy Argyle