Past Productions

Fine Dining

If you can’t stand the heat… (well, you know what to do).

Fine Dining

By Victoria Delaney

13th – 16th June 2016

Upstage Centre Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York

The Cast

Sarah – Alison Young

Dave – Teej Jackson

Antonia – Victoria Delaney

Jamie Richards – Clancy McMullan

Man – Andy Love

Delivery Man – Paul Mason/Alexander King/Matt Pattison

The Crew

Writer – Victoria Delaney

Director – Alison Young

Sound Design – Alexander King

Producer – Matthew Wignall

Set Designer – Paul Mason

ASM – Mike Hickman

Executive Consultant – Shaun Bradley

Sound – Alexander King and Matt Pattison

Lighting – Harriet Mayne

Photography  – Andy Argyle and Hannah Argyle

Trailer – We Made This Productions

Poster and Flyer Design – York Print Company

Programme – Mark Jackson

Review Quotes

 “Delaney reveals a facility for constructing scenes with momentum; crunchy, snappy dialogue; an unexpected twist and a neat ending…Delaney spins her play on plates with confidence, while revealing a relish for giving women on stage something to chew on not usually to be found on the theatre menu.” – York Press



Photographs by Andy Argyle and Hannah Argyle